Maths – Decimals

This week we have been orderng decimlas.

I looked at the whole number first and wrote the smallest and then through to the biggest.

If there were 2 wholenumbers the same I looked at the number after the decimals point.

5.3      5.9

Today for mathamtaics Me and my friend sweete had to complete a task sheet we had to read the numbers by the word and then put in th real number with numbrs

I enjoyed putting the numbrs in.

I need to improve on my reading.

i did well at putting the numbe

Place Value and Decimal Numbers

This week in Maths we are revisiting place value, to help with our decimal numbers.  A decimal number is any number that has a decimal point in it.  This week we practiced how to read the digits. and how to read the value of a number.  We had 3 tasks this week.  Our first task was to order decimal numbers, the second was to show numbers in different forms.  Our last task was a worksheet that combined these two things.  I did well at staying on task and being focused.  Here is my work.

Copyright and Attribution

This term for cybersmart we are focusing on smart media today we learnt  what copyright is and what it means for the media we use in our learning and creating first we discussed the idea of copyright and ownership with mr goodwin and miss telea next we watched a video then mr goodwin showed us our task lastly we had to find our own examples of media online here is my work:

How to Make a Google Form

This term our inquiry topic is Enterprise.  In week 8 of this term Panmure Bridge School will be having a school gala day.  At the gala each class will be selling diffevent products.  Our task this week was to create a Google Form to see what kind of products our customers would buy this will help us in the design process.

Here is how you can make a Google Form.

palm oil

palm oil is bad for animal and people and the palm oil can kill the animal and it really bad for them and the trees gets chop the trees down so i think we should leave the animal alone and leave the trees alone to and palm oil is a type of oil that kill the forests and it so sad because of palm oil and it an edible vegetable oil that comes from the fruit of palm trees the scientific name is elaeis guineensis two type of oil can be produced crude palm oil comes from squeezing the fleshy fruit and palm kernel oil which comes from crushing the kernel or the stone in the middle of the fruit.